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speaking engagements


I invite my audience to come on a journey, illustrating how life can change in an instant.  By adopting the right mindset, it is possible to adjust and find a way forward through the uncertain and difficult times in our lives.   I expand on this in detail during my presentation 

My aim is to engage openly and candidly with just the right balance of feel good and tear jerking stories, to leave you with a new found motivation to live better.

As a result of my lived experience and continual ongoing challenges, I share various strategies that have assisted me in defining my purpose, silencing the inner critic and never ever giving up.  My insights can be applied to anyone facing confronting times and are particularly relevant given the nature of the Covid 19 world we are living in. 

Contact me if you would like to discuss an upcoming speaking engagement for your team, group, workplace or event. 


"I really enjoyed the openness of sharing your journey & life story. It was very real and honest" - Team member Woolworths

"I thought you presented really well. I would not have been able to keep my emotions under control if I was in your shoes, so you did amazing!" - Team member Woolworths

"I really enjoyed the delivery of the presentation. Great expression and tone, it kept me highly engaged!" - Team member SA Water

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