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weekly video support


There came a time during my stroke recovery where I was determined to add something purposeful to my weekly schedule (other than medical appointments). I was searching for a way to put my 14 years of corporate career experience to use, but I was not quite ready for a return to work.  


So, my weekly video call aka virtual support group was born!


I invited my engaged and growing Instagram following to join me, ensuring the support group would be open to anyone, anywhere. 

Since the first call, 2 years ago, it has become a wonderfully safe arena for those who have experienced major upheaval in their life, to relate to and support each other.


It's simply amazing how much hope you can find, by connecting with other "survivors" of stroke, acquired & traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome, encephalitis and invisible illness.


The group call is free, giving you the freedom to join every week, or just when it suits you.  Contact me for the link, I'd love to meet you.

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